Best Samsung Phone Under 15000

Best Samsung Phone Under 15000

Samsung mobiles have won the hearts of millions of mobile phone users across the world. The company provides cutting-edge technology to make phones easy to use and helps create a community and a culture around the products. This is one reason why Samsung is considered the leader in the mobile telephony industry. It has excellent customer care service and a network that provides fast and clear connections to users.

 If you are planning to buy a Samsung smartphone, there are two ways in which you can get the best handsets at affordable prices. Either you use the traditional market method of visiting various shops and dealers or use online resources to find out which is the Best Samsung Phone Under 15000 budget.

 Top 6 Best Samsung Phone Under 15000

 1. Samsung Galaxy A12 (EXYNOS)

Samsung Galaxy A12 (EXYNOS)

If you are looking for the best Samsung phone under 15000 range, you should definitely check out the Samsung Galaxy A12. It is advanced user-friendliness and offers many features, including a stunning design, high-performance processor, and plenty of memory.

Moreover, Galaxy A12 also comes with an amazing quad camera, which is extremely useful for clicking real-time photos in both night and daylight. The phone features dual nano SIM slots and an Android Pie v10.0 operating system to always stay ahead of market trends and use the latest software out of the box.


 - Phone's camera quality is great.

 - Supports fingerprint and face unlock.

 - Ideal for 4G LTE dual connections.

 - Available at a cheap price.


 - Battery life is lower than others.

2. Samsung Galaxy M21

Samsung Galaxy M21

Another great phone from the Samsung Galaxy budget series is M21. The phone offers a large number of features and has a distinct back look of its own. Apart from the stunning looks, the M21 is packed with power, speed, and a reliable chipset; hence is preferred by a wide section of people across all age groups.

 The Samsung Galaxy M21 comes with a triple-back camera that helps you click clear-cut photos even in dim light. Paired with an Infinity Display, the phone outputs an LCD set up60Hz of refresh rate, which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 to protect your phone screen from falling. Plus, the 6000mAH battery and 6 months company warranty make this phone a perfect fit for people looking for the best Samsung phone under 15000.


 - Efficient and smooth performance.

 - Features an Infinity display.

 - Cheapest phone on the list.

 - Good quality speaker & mic.


 - Build quality could have been better.

3. Samsung Galaxy F22

Samsung Galaxy F22

 The Samsung Galaxy F22 is another great phone by Samsung that features all the latest technology in a black denim design. With such features, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music, watching the latest movies, taking pictures, running radio channels, and playing your favorite games on one device.

 The best thing about the Galaxy F22 is the 6000mAH of long-lasting battery that easily handles the 90Hz display, so you can have minimum blur while using the screen. Moreover, you get a quad-camera setup and LED flash at the back to click clear photos even from a distance. You can get this Samsung 4G mobile low price version under 15000 in India, making it ideal for budget users.


 - Great phone at this price range.

 - Clicks nice and clear photos.

 - Curved edges make the phone look good.

 - Full day of battery life.


 - Only in 2 color options.


4. Samsung Galaxy M32

Samsung Galaxy M32

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 If you are looking for the best deals in the industry, it is time to select the Samsung Galaxy M32. The phone comes with an all-new Samsung mobile 4G chip and a notched front camera to make your phone look cool from the outside with a proper internet connection. You can use the M32 in several different light conditions. The quad back camera setup can handle low light conditions and bright light without losing clarity.

 In terms of specifications, the Samsung Galaxy M32 has two different memory configurations, namely 4 GB and 6 GB which you can choose according to your needs. This mid-range smartphone offers 64 GB of storage space with an additional card slot to expand the storage capacity to 1 TB, making it ideal for people who like to click photos and record videos from their smartphones.


 - Build for mobile gaming.

 - Amazing battery life.

 - All-round camera quality.

 - Latest android version.


 - Higher price than other phones.


5. Samsung Galaxy F12

Samsung Galaxy F12

 The Samsung Galaxy F12 is best known for the front and back camera, so people who want to look better in photos with their friends and family can buy the device. The F12 comes with the latest Android 11 and gives you an octa-core Exynos 850 processor to easily run all multiplayer games on the market.

 Another great thing about the Samsung f12 is that it supports fast charging and can last longer than any other smartphone on this list because of its 6000mAh battery. There are slots for two nano SIMs, both of which support LTE networks in India, so you can easily stay online anytime, anywhere, with a fast net connection to browse the web at ease.


 - Exynos 850 Processor for gaming.

 - Expandable memory up to 512 GB.

 - One year of warranty.

 - Light in weight.


 - Heats up while gaming.

6. Samsung Galaxy M12


Samsung Galaxy F12

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People who need a Samsung 4G mobile at a low price can go for Samsung Galaxy A12. This Samsung phone has a built-in 6000mAH lithium-ion battery that will give you at least a day of use on a single charge. This device is available in three different colors: black, blue, and white, to choose from according to your needs.

 The Galaxy M12 camera is so advanced that you can take images like a digital camera without spending that much money. Whether you are taking short video clips for a family reunion or long videos for your company, the features of this camera make it perfect for any occasion. Plus, the device gives you an option to choose between 4GB RAM & 64GB storage or 6GB RAM & 128GB storage.


 - Features 48 MP quad camera.

 - Fast 90Hz of refresh rate.

 - Fast biometric scanner.

 - Supports 15W fast charging.


 - LCD display is available.


How To Pick The Best Samsung Mobile Under 15000?

 Confused about picking your next Samsung mobile 4G device under 15000 in India. Here are the in-depth analysis, research, and product comparison tips that you can follow to make an ideal decision between the above phones.

 1. Big Display 

 The display is no longer a big deal when it comes to buying Samsung smartphones and tablets. The phone is very durable and can easily last for a long time. You can buy these phones with different resolution counts depending on the usage.

 2. Ram

 The RAM (memory) of Samsung mobile under 15000 phones varies by model. Depending on usage, you can select between 4GB or 6GB smartphones and never worry about screen lags. If you have a lot of apps to download, we recommend choosing a 6GB RAM phone with more storage. If your goal is to watch high-quality videos and movies on your phone, choosing a 4GB RAM phone is enough.

 3. Chipset

 The Samsung Galaxy smartphone works with Samsung's advanced and sophisticated chipset. The chipset on this phone has three different options. The first is the Exynos variant, followed by the Centri-Core and Quad-Core variants. Each option is designed to meet the unique needs of Samsung Galaxy users, but Exynos chips are more budget-friendly.

 4. Camera

Most people pay attention to the camera when buying a smartphone. There are many camera phones on the market to choose from. So, this lineup contains a quad-camera setup to give maximum clarity in photos. So choosing any variant will help you click great images in both day and night time.


 This was the list of the best Samsung 4G mobiles available in the market under the budget of 15000rs. We hope the buying guide helped you make the right decision. You can now use the latest affordable devices in your home or office without any compromises. Be sure to check the specifications before making a purchase and be an informed buyer to get the best deals.


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